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Yard Signs & Lawn Signs

Yard Signs & Lawn Signs

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Advertise in Strategic Locations With Professionally Designed & Printed Yard Signs.

Yard signs are one of the most versatile display options to advertise your business, promote an event, or spread awareness. They are easy to install and let you make your presence felt in key places across your neighborhood, town, or city. Need further convincing? Here are a few reasons why yard signs are crucial in helping your business or brand take the next step:

  • Cost-effective: Yard signs are relatively inexpensive yet incredibly durable and long-lasting. on the material is made of waterproof and weather-resistant corrugated plastic, so your advertisements and announcements will still look good even after exposure to various outdoor elements.
  • Increased visibility: Strategically placed yard signs can attract targeted attention and help promote property sales, a political candidate, or other businesses in key locations that may be crucial to your marketing or PR goals.
  • Versatility: You can print a yard sign for any purpose, whether you need a political yard sign to support a candidate for an upcoming election campaign or something more personal like a birthday greeting or graduation yard sign.
  • Portability: Since yard signs are lightweight and heavy-duty, you can quickly remove and reinstall these signs in strategic locations.
Yard Sign - Weekend Market

The Advantages of Gini.Tech Custom Yard Signs

Standard small, medium, and large sizes

Print in five standard sizes ranging from small to large. Our smaller dimensions are at 12” x 18” and 12” x 24” while the larger sizes are at 18” x 24” and 36” x 24”. Choose a size that suits your design’s elements and stands out wherever displayed.

Add stakes or grommets to easily display your lawn signs or hang on a wall.

Include H-shaped stakes that easily sink and keep your yard signs standing on the ground. If you want to hang it up against a wall or any ready surface, grommets can be added at the top or at each corner.

Yard Sign - Car Wash Directional

Sturdy, weather-resistant, and waterproof material

All yard signs are made of durable corrugated plastic that can withstand rainy and windy conditions. Your advertisement is also protected from exposure to water, preventing it from fading and going unnoticed.

Eye-Catching Custom Shapes

New shapes include oval, circle, house, arrow, octagon, dome, and shield. You can also create your own custom shape by choosing the Custom Size option from the product calculator. These new dimensions break the mold of traditional yard sign designs and make your message stand out from the competition.


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