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Aluminum Signs

Aluminum Signs

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Aluminum signs make your message loud and clear

Here at Gini.Tech we specialize in the Design and print of Custom Aluminum Signs, including:

  • Aluminum Property Signs
  • Aluminum Parking Signs
  • Aluminum Real Estate Signs

Mark your property, direct traffic flow in a parking lot, or put your property up for sale with bulk printing aluminum signs. Durable and water-resistant aluminum signs can withstand the elements, so your message lasts long.

Available in two corner options (rounded or straight-cut), aluminum signs are lightweight and easy to set up. Add hole drilling for easy display.

With our online printing services, you can add your message to the front or both the front and back. These rust-free signs can be laminated with a gloss finish (not available for solid aluminum) to give your signage added protection. Order as few as one piece or as many as 50.

Aluminum signs should be easy to spot from a distance and withstand harsh elements. Choose from the following materials to suit your needs:  


Aluminum Composite Options 


  • White Aluminum Composite– Simple but elegant, standard aluminum is a durable material suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Rust-resistant aluminum also has a semi-gloss finish that focuses on your business name or message.  
  • White Reflective Aluminum Composite – This material offers excellent visibility day and night. Reflective aluminum has a shiny surface that subtly bounces back light, capturing customers’ attention even from afar.  
  • Brushed Aluminum Composite – This is made from 3mm brushed aluminum e-panel material with UV printing. Each panel is composed of two aluminum sheets with a reinforced polyethylene core. 


Solid Aluminum Options 

  • Aluminum – Solid aluminum provides the same benefits as composite panels but with greater durability. It is rust-resistant and guaranteed to last at least five years.  
  • Reflective Aluminum – This option is the best for roadside and warning signs. It has the strength and durability to withstand the elements while offering reflective capabilities that come in handy at night.  


Here’s a quick guide to see the differences between each type: 


White Aluminum 

White Reflective Aluminum 

Brushed Aluminum 


Reflective Aluminum 

Material finish 

Glossy white on both sides 

Glossy white on both sides with a reflective vinyl laminate 

Metallic brushed finish on both sides 

Smooth aluminum surface 

Smooth aluminum surface with a reflective vinyl laminate 

Maximum size 

48” x 96” 

48” x 96”  

48” x 96”  

24” x 36” 

24” x 36”  

Coating option 

Gloss lamination 


Gloss lamination 



Printed sides 

Front and back 

Front only 

Front only  

Front and back 

Front and back 

Best used for 

A white base offers the most flexibility for printing. Can be used anywhere. 

Outdoor directional, roadside, and warning signs. 

Offers a sleek and premium look. Best for company signs and offices. 

Perfect for stores, offices, and building exteriors. 

Outdoor directional, roadside, and warning signs. 



Keep Trespassers Away With Weatherproof Property Signs  

Put up property signs to prevent unauthorized individuals from entering your premises. Whether you want to restrict access or mark the boundaries of your property, these signages do the job. Choose from three sturdy, thick, and weather-resistant materials that will last throughout different outdoor conditions. Your warning will be seen from in the day until late at night


Let buyers know you’re selling your property with real estate signs.  

Most homebuyers search for properties online. But not all real estate is listed on websites.  

 Sometimes, a drive around the neighborhood can lead to a purchase. This is where real estate signs come in. Custom printing realtor signs will capture the attention of:  

  •  People riding around the neighborhood 
  • Neighbors who are looking for nearby real estate 
  • Businesses that are ready to invest in neighboring vicinities 

Real estate signs help identify whether a property is for sale, rent, or lease.  

Whether you own a residential or commercial property, putting up a property sign can help drive people to your home or business space.  

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