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Standard Postcards

Standard Postcards

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Promote Big Events With High-Quality Standard Postcards 

Effective marketing need not consume your entire budget and take up a lot of time. Standard promotional postcard printing is an affordable way to inform current and potential customers of your brand's latest deals, promos, or products.

The promotional impact begins when your postcard mailing reaches the homes of consumers. Receiving a promotional postcard can inspire them to check out your announcement online or visit your store to take advantage of a sale or event.

Whether you need the standard 4" x 6" postcard or a different size option, we make it easy for you to design, print, and mail high-quality, professional postcards.  


Standard Postcard Information: Size, Printing, Designing, and Mailing

When printing postcards, choosing the right postcard dimensions matters. Take into account the amount of information you need to include in your postcard — the amount of your content will help you determine the postcard size and in turn how much it will cost to mail your custom postcards.

 The Best Sizes for Your Postcard Design

Your postcard’s dimensions are crucial in making them an effective marketing tool. Here are some of our standard postcard sizes that are sure to make an immediate impression:


Standard Postcard Size - Folded Postcards
  •  4" x 6" postcards are small enough to make a straightforward and easy-to-read announcement. They’re also easy to keep and can be mailed with a postcard stamp. And while 4" x 6" postcard printing is one of the smaller options, it can still make a big impact.
  • 5" x 7" postcards stand out against the smaller, standard postcards sent as personal mail. Their width lets you achieve the right balance between images and compelling copy. Our 5" x 7" postcard printing is perfect for promoting a new business or product line.

  • 5.5" x 8.5" postcards have more than enough space for an image-heavy or extremely visual design. They’re recommended for postcards announcing a sale or special deal available in store for a limited time.

  • 6" x 9" postcards are the biggest option among our popular postcard sizes. They’re suitable for postcards with more than three images or text-heavy content where you need to relay more information in a straightforward, visual manner.

 Choose the Orientation That Works for Your Design

Standard Postcard Size - Orientation

Create custom postcards in either a landscape or portrait orientation depending on your design file. If you’re mailing postcards without envelopes, make sure that the back side adheres to USPS’ mailing requirements.

 Designing a Standard Postcard

Creating a postcard is not just about making it look good. An effective postcard should not only capture the attention of your audience but also leave a lasting impression. Follow these tips to make your design impactful and memorable:

  •  Keep things short and sweet. People want information that’s easy to read and digest. The copy on your postcard should be quick enough to compel customers to read but not too long that it loses their attention.
  •  Call your customers to action. Give them a reason to visit your store or website or try your new product. This action can convert your postcard marketing into significant sales.
  •  Communicate what you have to offer. Resist the urge to list product features. Instead, show customers how to save money or benefit from your business. For example, let them know that the latest restaurant promotion will save them money (50% off) or how a real estate location can lower their cost of living in the long run.
  •  Use large images and bright colors. Your postcard needs to stand out against every other marketing promotion. Make sure that the central image is compelling enough to draw attention and that the colors lead the customer right into your headline, call to action, and contact information.

Formatting Requirements for Standard Postcards

You are free to create any postcard design, but we set specific requirements for the layout to help you ensure that everything is within the printable area.

Standard Postcard Size - Postal Guide Design Sample
  • Impress customers with promos
  • Printed on thick, durable cardstock
  • Protective coating options available
  • Cost-saving mailing service
  • Choose from nine standard sizes


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