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Step and Repeat Banners + Stand (Best Seller)

Step and Repeat Banners + Stand (Best Seller)

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Increase Your Brand's Presence With a Step and Repeat Banner and Stand

Step and repeat banners are often seen at red carpet events and other important occasions. These publicity backdrops add a wow factor to any event. Some companies use these banners as a cost-effective way of advertising their business. The signage can be used on several occasions, giving businesses more value for their money. With a step and repeat backdrops, companies can prominently display their brand logos across the banner. Doing so helps increase and intensify brand awareness. Photos of celebrities, influencers, and other important people posing in front of your banner are widely circulated in the press. This gives your business the right amount of exposure to attract new customers.

  • Prominently display your logos
  • Pole pockets or grommets for easy hanging
  • 3 materials to choose from
  • Choose your custom size

Choose the Right Size and Material for Your Backdrop 

Make an impact by choosing the custom step and repeat backdrop that best fits your needs. We offer several sizes and materials to choose from, giving you the freedom to go as big or as small as you want.


  • To choose the size of your banner, consider the event that you’re holding and its location.
  • Where you will place the banner is an important deciding factor on which size to get. You don’t want anything that’s too large or too small for your venue.
  • We have five popular sizes available, with the 8’ x 8’ step and repeat banner size as the most popular choice. It’s perfect for smaller venues and for shooting in small groups.
  • You can also order custom sizes for your banner. 
  • The stand can fit banners up to 8’ x 8’ in size. Using an extension pole lets you display up to 10’ x 8’ step and repeat banners.

 The wider the banner, the more people you can accommodate for a photoshoot. This also brings the opportunity to fit in more logos of your company.


Get the most out of your banners by choosing the right material. Whether you use it indoor or outdoor,
your banners should be able to withstand the elements, may it be wind or water. For banners that last for years, take a look at the following options:


Setting Up Your Banner Stand

  1. Ensure you have enough space to set up the step and repeat banner. Remove the banner stand components from the carrying case and organize. 
  2. Attach a side pole to the banner stand base or foot. Repeat for the other side. 
  3. Assemble the horizontal support poles. 
  4. Set the vertical poles 8’ to 10’ apart, depending on the width of your banner.  
  5. Unroll the banner and place it top-side up in between the two vertical poles. 
  6. Slide in the horizontal support pole into the banner’s pole pocket. Attach each end of the support pole to the top of the side poles.  
  7. Slowly extend the vertical side poles until the banner is hanging freely and at the correct height. 
  8. Slide the remaining horizontal support pole into the bottom pole pocket and attach it to the vertical side poles. 
  9. If your banner stand has a center support bar, assemble it and attach it to the center of both horizontal support poles.

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