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Metallic Rack Cards

Metallic Rack Cards

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Metallic rack cards - designed to be noticed.

Draw attention to your product or service with eye-catching metallic rack cards. These high-impact marketing tools are printed on premium 16-pt cardstock, a durable choice for printed materials that stand out from the rest.

With their attention-grabbing shine, metallic rack cards can stop people in their tracks and get them curious about your offer. The metallic colors add sheen to your artwork, making it more noticeable.

Want your artwork to stand out even more? Add spot UV or foil stamping to highlight important parts of your design.

Why Rack Cards?

Think of a rack card as a brochure's little brother. It contains enough information to entice customers and persuade them to buy.

Rack cards are perfect for any kind of business because they are:

  • Specific – Spotlight the important features of your product or service. Rack cards have enough space for you to delve into the benefits of your offer. If you have multiple promotions, you can print metallic rack cards for each.
  • Affordable – Unlike multi-pagers, rack cards are a more reasonably priced marketing tool. You can offer them individually or as part of a set.
  • Scannable – With easy-to-digest information, rack cards are perfect for people who don't have a lot of time to read. Put your benefits in bullet points, so customers can see them right away.
  • Versatile – As your business grows, your products and services will most likely expand, too. Replace outdated information easily with a fresh set of rack cards to revive customers' interest.
  • Educational – Whether you're in the tourism or medical field, you can always share new information with your customers through metallic rack card printing.

From the Rack to People's Homes

Maximize the use of your custom rack cards by putting them in these high-traffic areas:

  • Hotels, airports, and travel agencies
  • Hospitals, clinics, and spas
  • Lobbies and waiting areas
  • Showrooms and tradeshows
  • Retail stores and restaurants
  • Churches, offices, and museums

Putting your rack cards where your customers are will help you to get more eyeballs to your business. These highly targeted areas have customers who are already in the buying mindset.

Alternatively, you can bring rack cards to your customers' homes. As a direct mail tool, business rack cards can help you target customers who have already bought or are likely to buy from you.

The important thing to remember is to include an enticing offer and an easy way for customers to reach you.

  • Standard 4" x 9" size
  • Durable 16 pt. cardstock
  • Beautiful metallic sheen
  • Spot UV available

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