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Sticker Sheets

Sticker Sheets

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Print Multiple Designs on Your Sticker Sheets 

Custom sticker sheet printing combines the best things about cut-to-size and roll stickers. Just like roll stickers, you get to peel off and apply stickers continuously and efficiently. Then you can neatly stack them like cut-to-size stickers. Our sheet stickers are kiss cut for easy peeling and work great as address or mailing stickers, food labels, or as product tags. 

Create Custom Sticker Sheets  

Print easy to apply rectangular stickers. 

Need to apply your logo quickly on your packaging or envelope? Sticker sheets help you keep track of the number as you place each piece by hand. Choose from five rectangular shapes that can fit small, medium, and large surfaces. 

Choose the correct size based on the number of sheets. 

You can estimate the size of your rectangular-shaped pieces based on the number of stickers available per sheet. The bigger the sticker size, the smaller the number of pieces per sheet. You can order several sheets to meet the sticker quantity needed. 

  • Large (5” x 4”): 4 stickers per sheet  
  • Medium: 4” x 3.33” stickers at 6 per sheet; 4” x 2” stickers at 10 per sheet; 3.5” x 2” stickers at 12 per sheet 
  • Small (2.685” x 1”): 30 per sheet 

 All sheets are letter-sized at 8.5” x 11”. You can easily stack and organize them like paper before peeling off and applying the individual designs.

For custom-shaped stickers, you can choose from four different sheet sizes.  




Durable materials with complementary coatings.  

Basic shape sticker sheets are printed on a smooth, white paper sticker that’s best for indoor storage and applied on products that are not exposed to water, moisture or oil. You can complement the sticker sheet design with the following finishes: 

  • Uncoated gives your sticker an elegant, natural look. The surface is writable and has no glare, making it easy to read typography or text-based designs. 
  • High Gloss has the highest reflectivity and offers stunning shine. Perfect for bright, colorful designs. 


Custom-shaped sticker sheets are printed either on 70 lb. label or white vinyl.  

  • 70 lb. label is one of the most popular sticker materials we offer. It is best used for indoor applications. Choose from a matte, gloss, or high gloss finishing coat. The sticker surface is writable with the use of a permanent ink marker. 
  • White vinyl is the thickest and most durable sticker material we offer. It is resistant to tearing, moisture, and fading. It comes with a high gloss UV coating that adds an extra layer of protection against scratches and scuffs. We recommend this for outdoor use.  


  • Multiple stickers in a sheet
  • Paper or vinyl material options
  • Stickers can be different shapes
  • Custom sizes available

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