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Plastic Business Cards

Plastic Business Cards

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Plastic business cards - The premium business card choice.

Have you thought about upgrading your business cards to something guaranteed to grab anyone's attention? Plastic business card printing provides both an attractive and practical solution to this idea.

The material is sturdy enough to withstand tears and to resist to damage from water. Our three plastic types—clear, frosted, and white—offer unique and luxurious looking surfaces that will stun anyone who comes across your business cards.

Three Dynamic and Durable Plastic Materials

  • Clear.  Business cards are printed on a transparent, see-through material that begs you to take a closer look. The clear finish also adds emphasis to your company name, logo, and contact details.
    Note: All transparent plastic business cards come with a protective film to prevent the material from getting scratched during shipping. Upon receiving your order, remove the film to reveal the plastic's see-through appearance.
  • Frosted. This business card uses a semi-transparent material that still appears clean and futuristic. The plastic's frosted finish provides a more distinct but also glass-like background to your design.
  • White. Printed business cards come in a solid white material that suits designs dependent on bright and bold hues. The background is a perfect contrast to daring shades such as red and orange or dark hues such as black or navy.


A Couple Design Notes:

1) When you create business cards for plastic, make sure to use a font size above 8 pt., and strokes or lines at, or above, 1.5 pt., so all elements are easy to read.

2) Avoid including white areas and text on the design. White colored areas in your design will blend in with the material's clear, frosted, or white plastic background.

Effective Ways to Design Your Plastic Business Cards

Your design will depend on the plastic material you choose and the preferred size. Here are some tips for designing your business card:

  • Larger sizes on rectangle or square designs can apply bigger and colorful images. Utilize the space to bring attention to your logo or the kind of product or service your business offers in a central image. This size can be used to create simple plastic gift cards or loyalty cards.
  • Frosted and clear plastic cards are also great alternatives to custom die-cut business cards since their transparent backgrounds give the illusion of blank space. You can make the plastic appear like an object associated with your services, such as a viewfinder for photographers, a clean window for a cleaning service, or a white canvas for an illustrator or graphic designer. 
  • Smaller square and thin plastic business cards should stick to a minimalist design. This approach highlights your company name, information, and contact details. Use a color that contrasts the plastic's background. A bold, black font is a safe choice for all three plastic materials but you could also use more distinct shades such as navy or red. 
  • Stay away from light, pastel or neon colors that would fade into the plastic background.  

Choose From These Fun Shapes and Sizes

There are many sizes and four shapes to choose from. The rectangle and square shapes are most commonly used. A design based on these two shapes can be elevated with our 1/4" and 1/8" rounded corners. The most popular sizes for these two shapes are: 

  • 2" x 3.5" rectangle is the standard size that fits in small wallets and business card holders.

We also offer an oval shape that will distinguish your brand from the standard business card printing practice. 

Our plastic business card printing services are cheap and great for any company, whether you're a creative agency or a small business owner. 

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