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Product Labels

Product Labels

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Give Your Items a Premium Look With Professional Product Labels

Here at Gini.Tech, we can design & print all different kinds of Product Lables i.e. Beverage Labels, Bottle Labels, Candle Labels, Canning Labels, Cosmetic Labels, Food Labels, Jar Labels, Packaging Labels, Soap Labels, Warning Labels, Water Bottle Labels, Wine Labels & more!

Create product labels that will stand out in one glance. A wide variety of choices is available for different features you can mix and match. Pick the perfect size and shape for your food and beverage items or beauty products.

Product label printing is important because it gives you an opportunity to provide information about your product or brand, You can create product labels and add them to wine, beer, or water bottles; essential oil bottles; jars; lip balms; or boxes — just about any type of packaging.

Print in durable materials that last in indoor storage or protect your design from outdoor elements. All labels are made of a self-adhesive that sticks permanently on any surface.


When to Choose Singles or Roll Labels



Singles (formerly known as cut-to-size) labels are normally ordered in quantities below 250 pieces. These are individually cut and applied by hand on a small number of items. You can order at least 25 singles labels in one order.


Roll labels are placed on bulk quantities. One roll can fit in a label dispenser for fast, automated application on at least 250 items. This format is recommended for businesses that need to label hundreds of items within a limited timeframe.

The Benefits of High-Quality Custom Product Labels

 Materials That Can Withstand Water, Oil, and Other External Factors

Both singles and roll stickers come in durable adhesive materials for indoor and outdoor use. The 70 lb. label is recommended for in-store and other enclosed space displays. Best for products that are kept away from oil and moisture.

white vinyl labels


The 4 mil. white vinyl comes with a protective high-gloss coating built for outdoor exposure. It’s also waterproof. Order quantities above 250 are hot water-resistant and waterproof in cold water. It also doesn’t tear after going through a dishwasher.

bopp roll labels


Roll labels offer more oil-resistant and waterproof options.BOPP is a popular choice for food containers and beverage bottles. This material keeps your label design looking good as new even if the item is stored in a chiller or freezer.

textured label


Textured materials are seen on wine bottles and other food and beverage luxury items. This is another top choice for products that will be refrigerated.

Permanent Self-Adhesive That Sticks on Your Packaging Forever

Most materials come with a permanent, all-purpose adhesive back that sticks to almost any surface. It can adhere to most corrugated, paper, and plastic substrates. Before applying, make sure the surface is dry and clean to ensure easy and permanent adhesion.

The adhesive on roll labels is so permanent that it’s impossible to remove completely without being destroyed. Total removal will also leave a residue on the surface it’s applied on. The adhesive can withstand temperatures as low as 25oF to 35oF. But we also offer a removal white BOPP label that you can reapply to a clean surface.

Customizable Colors, Shapes, and Finishes to Complete Your Look

The standard square, rectangle, circle and oval shapes are available. Each shape comes in various sizes that fit small, medium, to large containers. You can also design in other fun shapes such as heart, arch, and starburst for singles labels.

You can also design in the four standard shapes for roll labels. But if you need a label in a die-cut shape, you may select “Custom” as your option. From there, select your ideal size from the list.

Add a protective finish to your label. Matte is perfect for rustic, natural leaning designs. It also makes text more readable, ideal for food containers with long lists of ingredients and storage instructions.

Gloss and high-gloss provide a vibrant shine that brightens up colors. Both have a mirror-like finish; go for high-gloss if your label calls for higher reflectivity.

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