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We strive to inspire our community members to have fun, be creative, express their individuality, collaborate, and grow their businesses. To do so, we have thoughtfully designed spaces to be multifunctional and match a variety of needs and wants of our community members.


Spring Blooms 2023 - Acceleration ProgramJoin us on March 22nd, 2023, for the launch of our Global eCommerce Platform, Holistic Project Management Workshop, and Networking InnoLab. eRiverSpace InnoLab is a workshop environment that specializes in the creation of MVPs and early-stage platforms for entrepreneurs and startups.


As we enter into the coworking industry’s next phase, I believe the term ‘community workspace’ better captures the wider array of uses and benefits. 

For the remote work revolution to thrive, we need a viable alternative to the office — one that provides a sturdy life-work barrier, meaningful social connections, and professional benefits, without forcing workers to sacrifice the flexibility and autonomy they’ve found at home. If we recognize the potential of this next generation of coworking spaces, we can have the best of both worlds. TNW


Digital Realities (e.g., virtual reality and augmented reality) are becoming a huge market development in many sectors. The tourism industry is no exception, and the sector needs to innovate to get ahead of the curve of this technological revolution. 


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