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Nerdlet: Tech

Nerdlet: Tech

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Calling all tech nerds! This hefty little book is big on awesomeness―including cutting-edge tech, cool science, stunning stats, and even a little silliness.

In this electrifying addition to the Nerdlet book series, you'll glimpse incredible inventions of all kinds―from out-of-this-world robots and space suits to superspy gear to the humble microwave. (Yes. The microwave. Trust us―it's actually interesting!) You'll learn about groundbreaking inventions from history ... alongside science that's changing (and saving!) the world right now.

Meet nerds who tinker with tech for a living. Visit technology travel destinations around the world. And dive into fun features that answer all your burning IT questions―like, when will hoverboards actually hover? And, what's the hold up on time travel? And so much more!

With quippy fun facts, eye-catching photos, and fascinating deep dives, it doesn't take an Einstein to see why this little book is perfect for grade A tech nerds and total newbies alike.

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